Lady Interrupts Senator's Campaign Rally In Iowa For A Very Important Message: "I'm Just Trying To Get Some Ranch!"

God I love Iowans. I love them so much. They’re my people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All time Ope. I really wanted to be mad at the dude at the end of the video who said “very Iowa” but he’s right. That was a VERY Iowa clip. A lady plowing through the crowd of a campaign rally for ranch is a perfect encapsulation of my beautiful state and the people who live there. Yeah politics are important and blah blah blah but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more important than ranch dressing. We put it on every food item you can think of.

Ranch dressing is so important to Iowans that she simply couldn’t wait for the senator to finish her speech. She put her head down like Mike Alstott and didn’t let up until she arrived at the promised land AKA Hidden Valley. She was basically like, “Hey city slicker, I know you’re here to preach your newfangled ideas to us about a better future for the country but I need something to dip my chicken fingers in so get the fuck outta the way. Ope lemme squeeze past ya.”

Politicians flock to Iowa many many many months before the upcoming presidential election in hopes to get a jump start on their campaign. The problem is, Iowans don’t give a fuck that many months out. We’re more concerned about the here and now and that here and now involves delicious ranch dressing.

So until the presidential race really heats up