LaMelo Ball Got Hurt TWICE In One Game Trying To Throw Himself Alley-Oops

I know the big LaMelo story that Clem blogged about last night was the bench clearing brawl, but I’m not interested in that. I’m more interested in the fact that Melo hurt himself not once, but TWICE during his game and no one other than Overtime, his own personal hype machine, is talking about it. And this is after he missed a few games with a broken finger. To be fair, one of the injuries came from an ally oop and the other came from a fancy layup, but still it’s scary stuff. Here’s the first one:

Looks like a calf? Maybe a hamstring? I don’t know, but his coach should’ve sat him because the second he went in he tried to do the exact same dunk that Steph Curry did in the All Star game and re-tweaked his leg.



Which begs the question: should Spire rest Melo? A great player is only as good as his coach. If he’s being overexerted he’s going to run himself ragged and be prone to injuries, and if he’s injured he can’t do layups, and if he can’t do layups Spire can’t win, and if Spire can’t win, Overtime doesn’t exist. See what I mean? I guess I’m just worried about what this means for the future of basketball. Whatever the case, thoughts and prayers to Melo and here’s to a speedy recovery.