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Hot Seat: Me?

Sorry this blog took so long, it was taking me forever to make a Hells Bells video. Anyways, how was everyone’s Monday? Mine was less than ideal as you can imagine. It’s never a good thing when you get the Frankie DM to call into radio and as expected things weren’t all that great. That video and tweets should pretty much paint the picture, but it’s pretty simple. My headlines still stink. That one for the All Star Game was bad, I mean I can have enough self awareness to admit that. To be honest I don’t even know what I was saying on radio after immediately learning you pretty much just lost the job you’ve been grinding all this time for, but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is, this has now become the most important Celtics season of my life. Good thing every player is openly stating they’re going to win the title because it sounds like I’m going to need it. Sure the Celts have let me down in 30 of my 31 years on this planet, but something tells me they’ll pull through. It’s honestly a little poetic when I think about it. My entire existence has always depended on this team. I’ve lost both girlfriends and years off my life dedicating my life to following this team, so why not lump in my overall employment and livelihood? You wanna get nuts, let’s get fucking nuts (as if I have a choice).

So this is it. There are 24 games in the regular season and then hopefully we have a deep playoff run that ends in a title. If I go by last year’s playoffs lets assume the Celtics season ends around June 10th. That’s 112 days from now, and I average anywhere from 6 to 9 blogs a day. That gives me around 672-1,008 blogs left to convince Dave things have changed and I can keep this dream alive.

It’s been an incredible 4 years having the privilege of being able to blog for this site, now it’s time to earn the right to stay. In times like these I’m going to embrace what our fearless leader Brad Stevens always says “control what you can control and be the best version of ourselves”.

For them, that means winning the title and doing me a solid. For me, it means not being so terrible at headlines that your ass is back in the cubes. Wish me luck.


For the record, I shared 4 different headlines with the EIC for this blog because to be honest I’m shook to the moon and he liked them all and picked this one as his favorite so hopefully it’s a step in the right direction.