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Dude Eats A Hot Dog At A Hockey Game And Throws His Napkin In The Trash - Police Grab It, Test It, And Charge Him With 26 Year Cold Case Murder

Star TribuneHockey dad Jerry Westrom visited a rink for a game one recent winter’s day, as he had done countless times over the years, ate a hot dog and threw his napkin in the trash.

Within weeks, DNA evidence on that napkin put the Isanti businessman in jail, charged with murder in the 1993 stabbing of 35-year-old Jeanne Ann “Jeanie” Childs in a Minneapolis apartment. Prosecutors say the DNA, tested against crime scene evidence collected decades ago, leaves no doubt that Westrom killed Childs.

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This is Jerry Westrom.

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Jerry allegedly murdered a woman…26 years ago. Jerry was just arrested for it.

So in 1993 a sex worker named Jeanie Childs was found murdered in her apartment – a neighbor saw water leaking from under the door, called the cops, and Childs was dead on the floor with multiple stab wounds.  They found DNA everywhere – the bed comforter, a bathroom towel, a washcloth on the toilet seat – but back then they weren’t nearly as good with this stuff as they are now obviously.

I mean check out how they cracked this:

-They entered the DNA from the ’93 crime scene into genealogy websites.

-The site gave them two hits for possible suspects – one was Westrom, who lived in the area at the time and was charged with soliciting a prostitute in 2016.

-They tracked him down and tailed him.

-They saw him eat a hot dog at a hockey game, wipe his mouth, throw the napkin away, and went and collected the napkin to test it.


In January, officers trailed Westrom in hopes of collecting a DNA sample without tipping him off. They said they caught up with him at the hockey game, where he ordered a hot dog from the concession stand.

When Westrom was done eating, he wiped his mouth with a napkin and tossed it in a trash can, authorities said. Once the coast was clear, investigators recovered the napkin.

The BCA said the DNA on the napkin was consistent with DNA collected from the apartment where Childs was killed, and that gave them probable cause to arrest Westrom.

And that will go down as, officially, the worst hot dog ever.