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Rat Goes Full Send, Shreds That Fresh Pow Pow

You don’t choose the shred life, the shred life chooses you. And it chose this rat so hard. Buddy just wanted to get tits-deep in that pow. Nothing was gonna stop him from bombing this hill. Did you see the air he hit there? Just a full goddamn send if I’ve ever seen one. And the landing? It doesn’t get much cleaner than that. You can tell this wasn’t this rat’s first time shredding. Kept his composure, absorbed the pressure, perfect landing right there. I’m almost positive that the Winter XGames are already over for this year but if not, I think we have a new leader in the clubhouse. Shaun White can Andy King it. Sled Rat is the new king of the mountain.

P.S. – Has nothing to do with this video but I feel like “The Gang Hits The Slopes” episode of Always Sunny is criminally overrated. Mountain rules, baby.