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The Breaking Bad Movie Is Confirmed A Sequel Staring Jesse Pinkman And Will Be On AMC And Netflix

The news broke on November 7th that a Breaking Bad movie appeared to be in the works. Not much was released, but it was confirmed to be written by Vince Gilligan and the synopsis was the movie “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”, aka Jesse.

Today, more details came out about the Breaking Bad movie, and friends, I love where this is headed:


Hollywood Reporter - Additional details about the Breaking Bad movie are coming to light.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the feature-length movie will be a sequel revolving around Aaron Paul, who will reprise his Emmy-winning role as Jesse Pinkman. Sources also confirm that Netflix will have first-run rights to the top-secret project, which will then air on AMC. (Representatives for AMC, Netflix and producers Sony Pictures TV all declined to comment.)

As THR previously reported, the Breaking Bad movie will be written by original series creator Vince Gilligan, who will exec produce the project alongside franchise collaborators Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. Gilligan, sources say, will direct the film, which will follow the escape of a kidnapped man (Paul’s Jesse) and his quest for freedom.


I’m not the biggest Jesse fan in the world. I think the Breaking Bad universe overrates him as a character, with the unreal amounts of sympathy they give towards a murderer and drug dealer. I wrote in detail about that here. But I am very interested in seeing how he’d adjust to the real world again after being one of the biggest drug kingpins in the West for the last couple of years. Does he get his money? Does he find Saul? There’s no way he can stick around Albuquerque, right?

Here’s what I want to happen- he gets back into the meth game. I am so, soooo sick of “Good Guy Jesse”. He’s a methhead. He is a great cook. And he’s never been one to push away his demons. I want him to do “just one more cook” and then get that crystal back on the street. He can be the man. No Walt, no Gus, no Nazis. Just him. I mean the series is called “Breaking Bad”…let’s see Jesse break bad one last time.

There will obviously be lots of cameos in the series. We’ll probably see Marie and Skyler. Hopefully Badger and Skinny Pete. I want to see Saul and Jesse go at it one last time. And who knows, maybe a Walt flashback that ties up a loose end that we didn’t even know needed to be tied up. He did say he would “absolutely” reprise his role for the movie, so it’s definitely a strong possibility.

We don’t have a drop date, but it’ll be on Netflix first and then AMC later. Can’t wait!