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A Stray Dog In Mexico Joined In On A Parade And Stole The Whole Damn Show

Just a shocking development when it comes to stray dogs. My whole life I was led to believe that stray dogs were dangerous creatures that traveled in large packs in the streets and killed anything and everything they came across. Not that stray dog. That stray dog just wanted to danced and spin in circles and steal the whole damn show. Those news anchors are right, that dog needs to be adopted ASAP. He’s not cut out for Stray Dog Life.

By the way, and pardon me for being an uncultured person, but what is a traditional Mexican wedding parade? Mexicans just throw a parade every time someone gets married? If that’s the case then we’ve been doing weddings all wrong on this side of the border. American weddings are awesome and all with our open bars and striking out with bridesmaids but imagine how much better they’d be if each one had a parade. Parades are sick and should be added to the every American wedding itinerary. Do it.