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The Most Impressive Play Of The College Hoops Season Was This Fan Fighting For Life To Save His Nachos

Now this is dedication. This is what it takes to get a win. You don’t just let a kid come into your house, run you over while you’re clearly planted and ruin your nachos. Shout out this guy for doing what we’d all like to think we would do in this scenario. And that’s make the right and athletic play. This is one of the more impressive feats I’ve seen in quite some time. Sure, we had tip ins and 23 point comebacks, but there weren’t nachos involved and nachos are fucking delicious. Love that you can see him focus on the nachos. It’s all about eye control and coordination. He notices where the nachos are, keeps the arm up and saves them. Not saying this played a role in Texas A&M getting the win but I’m not ruling it out.

Lowkey I love the woman in the background. She sees the whole thing getting ready to go down and tries to help:

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.34.22 AM

Always – ALWAYS fight for nachos.