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Move Over Tide Pods! New Teenage Trend Is Literally Abducting Yourself For 48 Hours

Oh my fucking god I LOVE when the things I learned about in school actually show up in real life.  Darwinism is happening folks, it’s really happening.

SACRAMENTO (CBS13)First there was the Tide Pod Challenge, then the Bird Box Challenge, now the newest viral challenge has law enforcement and parents extremely concerned.

The 48-hours Missing Challenge is exactly what it sounds like. Teens apparently dare each other to disappear for two days in hopes their picture will show up on social media.

We’re not that far off from the PARENTAL ALERT: New Teen Trend Is Kids Shooting Themselves In The Face And Dying To Get RIP Posts On Their Facebook Wall.

I’m going to let this police officer speak for all of us:

“This could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of,” said Officer Simon Drobik, Albuquerque Police Department spokesman.


Luckily child psychologists are on the case displaying the full power of those degrees:

Child psychologists say it’s a good idea to talk to your teens and not assume they know not to participate in social media challenges.

Son, it’s time we had a talk…

Don’t eat laundry detergent.