If You Hate Coach Cal Just Wait Until He Forces The NCAA To Change Another Dumb Rule Because Kentucky Got Screwed

“No, it’s another one — do you remember, we lost in the Final Four when there was a shot clock violation and they said it was not reviewable and then they changed the rule to say why would you want to lose a game on a shot clock violation that’s easy to go check? Well this one is easy to go check, too. Just go check it. Why would that not be reviewable. We’re like Wilt Chamberlain. We change rules. I don’t know.”

That’s my coach. Finally we have someone willing to call out the NCAA for nonsensical rules and get stuff changed in the offseason. I mean it’s true he did do it once before. This no call on the shot clock violation:

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 11.49.24 PM

We now can review shot clock violations. Thank you, Cal.

It makes no sense that we can review a play like this or who the ball is out of but not a goaltend call – especially when you’re going to the monitor to review for the clock already. It’s pretty simple – especially if you develop my rule of you have 30 seconds to make the call. If it’s clear, you change it. Doesn’t take that long. If it takes over 30 seconds, call on the court stands.

I mean hell we can even review a charge/block call to a degree:

Just me, Cal and Mush saving the NCAA.