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Phillies Trade For All-Star Catcher JT Realmuto AKA Bryce Harper's Best Friend

BOOM. The Phillies did what every team seemingly tried to do yet failed: Aquire Bryce Harper’s Best Friend. Oh, and JT Realmuto is pretty damn good without mentioning his supposed Butt-Buddy. He’s widely considered as a Top-3 catcher in the league, as well as the best hitting backstop in the game. The guy popped 16 out of Miami’s stadium which could double as the Polo Grounds when it comes to distance. He should shoot out well over 20+ playing 81 games at CBP. Whether you agree with the trade or not, he’s a major upgrade at the position for the Phillies. There’s no doubt about that.

As far as what the Phillies gave up: Sixto fucks. There’s no doubt about that. It’s tough to see the Phillies give up their #1 overall prospect (#21 overall in MLB). However, he already has a history of arm injuries and hasn’t pitched above Single-A. Still though, Sixto Sánchez (what a great freaking baseball name), is making MLB scouts pitch their own tents at a rapid rate. Sixto down in Clearwater painting corners with 100mph gas and making knees buckle with a devastating slider clocking it at over 90 is something to see:

I liked Jorge. The kid’s got a ROCKET attached to his shoulder and does have overall potential, but striking out 36% of AB’s while having balls fly all over the place behind the plate isn’t ideal for a franchise catcher. He could develop into a solid ballplayer, but just isn’t there yet.

So it’s settled, the Phillies are officially in win now mode. NOW FEED ME BRYCE AND THE RINGS. Even if he was using Windows95 Bryce has gotta be about 99% by now.