Paul Rudd Losing His Mind At A Foo Fighters Show Is Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

I’m absolutely fucking delighted to see that Paul Rudd is exactly who we think he is. I mean…he’s literally just Paul Rudd’s character from ‘I Love You, Man’.

Gotta love Paul Rudd. If ya don’t, I don’t want to know you.

Fun story about this Foo Fighters show that isn’t fun at all – I was supposed to be there with Frankie Borrelli the night before the SuperBowl and got shut down the second I got to the venue because it was 21+, and, y’know, I’m a child.

I was bummed out for sure, but figured, hey – I had an amazing week in Atlanta, got to play a rock n’ roll show of my own, got to commentate the best Rough N’ Rowdy yet with Dave and Big Cat, I’ve even seen the Foo twice…I really can’t complain.

I went back to my hotel, packed for my flight the next morning, tossed the livestream of the show on my laptop, and then Roger Taylor joined the band onstage to drum/sing Queen’s ‘Under Pressure':

…Zac Brown and Tom Morello hopped up there and played my all time favorite Black Sabbath tune, ‘War Pigs':

…and then Perry fucking Farrell from Jane’s Addiction came out to do ‘Mountain Song':

At that point, I texted Frankie, requesting he take a few good videos for me when Prince eventually came back from the grave to close out the show with Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters, and tried formulating the best plan to jump out of my plane with no parachute the next morning. I’m still not over it.

Why couldn’t my parents have fucked just a few months earlier?!