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Tom Thibodeau Went On TV And Scared The Hell Out Of Everyone

I know Thibs was probably bummed when he got fired from the Timberwolves, but I think maybe he has a better future in the world of television. I mean look at that face! Sure it scares the living shit out of you because when have we ever seen Thibs smile, but for him to sit there and not move and just force this smile through the duration of this segment is too funny. You can tell he’s uncomfortable as hell but as no idea how to act so he just goes to his default training of just awkwardly smiling. You know producers and whatnot made sure to tell him to smile a billion times before they went on air and because he has no idea how to do something like that, this was the result. He has the type of look on his face like someone told him KAT is actually really good at basketball and he should have maybe given him the ball more.  One of those situation where he has no idea what to do or what’s being said he’s just focused on keeping that electric smile going. It’s clear Thibs’ brain has no idea how to pull that off because he looks creepy as hell doing it. The best way I can describe it is this is Thibs smiling like how he thinks people really smile. Poor guy probably thought he was nailing it.

Listen I love the guy, he was part of the only Celts championship I ever saw, but he looks like a goddamn lunatic and there’s no other way to say it. Makes you wonder what the suits of ESPN pumped into Thibs to make him react this way because it’s clearly not a normal reaction for him or his brain. He sat on that set and looked like the Tim Burton’s The Penguin for crying out loud


He looks like every little kid that has ever been told they could get some ice cream if they just sat quietly and behaved for 10 minutes. Maybe that’s what this is, maybe Thibs is dreaming about what flavor of ice cream he’s going to get from the ESPN cafeteria so long as he was on his best behavior. Outside of that I really have no other explanation for what we saw.

I don’t know much, but I know this. I need an infinite amount of Thibs on my television moving forward for the rest of the season. He doesn’t even have to talk, they don’t heed his expertise, he just needs to be at the desk so we can see him awkwardly try and make it through each segment. Think about it, we’re right in the thick of things on this trade deadline and I didn’t listen to a single word that was said during that segment. I couldn’t take my eyes off Thibs. That’s the very definition of electricity and Thibs has that in spades.