So It Sounds Like Anthony Davis Actually Really Wants To Play For The Knicks

Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck yessssssss

That’s that good stuff right there. It isn’t a real Knicks season until we are being mentioned as a destination for premiere free agents despite having one of the worst owners in sports and no real track record of success in 20 years. But just as I always do, I believe in these rumors because hope in free agency is my brain’s defense mechanism to avoid hating basketball. Then I hit rock bottom when the Knicks strike out, hate any orange ball I see, then am back in when I hear The Garden during opening night and bitch with my Knicks Twitter brothers and sisters.

But this year is different (never said that one before!). I mean Anthony Davis has to believe that there is a better than good chance that the Knicks are getting at least one superstar this summer if not two because there is no way AD wants to continue playing for a terrible, except now in a much colder city that is also the media capital of the world.

The craziest thing about all of this is that it seems like trading Porzingis only made the Knicks more realistic contenders since KP wasn’t going to re-sign in New Orleans, so he could never be added to it. But now the Knicks have the assets from that trade (DSJ, 2 more first rounders, cap space for another stud) that they didn’t have beforehand along with the Pelicans apparently saying “Fuck the Lakers” by dragging their feet and causing every player under 25 to hate GM LeBron’s guts.


I know any trade to the Knicks likely doesn’t happen tomorrow because trading AD to New York would only make the pick the Knicks trade to New Orleans worse since the Knicks would instantly have an All-NBA player on their team instead of the 12 Horsemen of Zion and there is no rush to move Davis. But it’s still surreal to think that the Knicks are actually potentially allowed to bring their offer to the table and see how things shake out considering AD says he doesn’t want to be a Celtic and Dell Demps seems to have a blood feud with Magic Johnson*. Now we just sit back and pray the Knicks don’t fuck this up over the next 16 hours or 16 weeks. Or that this isn’t the Pelicans throwing Magic’s balls in a vise with the trade deadline barreling down.

*Not gonna go there