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Forget About The Super Bowl, Who Won This Video Between Rams Fan Julia Rose And Pats Fan Gabriella Ellyse? #RIPSnackinOff

Answer: Everybody. Actually almost everybody. That video has to feel like an L if you make snack videos for a living. I am lowkey thankful that Snackin’ Off is dead, because there is no way a skinny fat blogger and fat fat blogger would be able to keep up with two supersmokes in football jerseys feeding each other Doritos and washing themselves in beer while the old Coors Light “Twins” song plays. Shit, they could probably rename their video series Snackin’ Off and it would make WAY more sense than it did for us. I haven’t been in the snack game for a hot minute, but the old heads are probably saying the game done changed. But I say the game the same, just got more fierce. Bet you didn’t think I would throw a quote from The Wire in a blog like this. But I did and that’s why you click. JK, I know it’s because of the girls and maybe even the snacks.