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This Lunatic Riding The L Train Is The Epitome Of Pre-Crime

I don’t know when this video was taken or what the fuck this guy’s endgame is, but I know the phrase If You See Something, Say Something, and I see the definition of pre-crime taking place on the L train. New Yorkers deal with a lot of weird shit on a daily basis, but that video is a step too far. Just because you can legally wear all that stuff with those creepy sound effects playing doesn’t mean you should. This guy clearly isn’t doing this shit for money because he didn’t stick a hand out for any cash and no performance artist is that fucked up in the head, which admittedly is saying SOMETHING. There wasn’t even a Whoa That’s Weird intro or outro, so I know this isn’t the work of Donnie. Instead this is the work of a man that just wants to watch the world burn. Potentially even a real life Joker on the come up in Gotham. If they could have thrown that guy in the slammer before he turned the entire city upside down in The Dark Knight, many people could have been saved. Well we aren’t going to let this maniac have the chance. If you see something, say something. The people of New York City are relying on you