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Badass Firebreather Wows The Crowd At A Wedding Until He Catches His Face On Fire And Screams In Horror

Shocking video as amateur firebreather suffers terrifying blowback
A firebreathing performer at a wedding in north India suffered terrible injuries after a terrifying blowback accident on January 25.

Video of the shocking incident, which took place in Narwana, Haryana state, shows the man taking swigs from a bottle of kerosene and spitting it out onto a lighter, sending out several jets of flame.

He successfully performs the stunt twice but suffers a blowback on the third try and sets his mouth on fire.

People can be seen rushing to help put out the flames but to little effect as the man runs around with his mouth quite literally on fire.

Eventually the fire was extinguished and he was taken by some of the wedding guests to hospital, where he was treated and is recuperating with several burns injuries.

I have never nor will I ever breathed fire. I like fire, dont get me wrong. I prefer to cook my delicious meats over an open flame. By meats, I do not mean my face. Just wanna be clear about that.

That’s the danger of being a fire breather. Sometimes people wanna fuck you because you are shooting flames across the room like a god damn dragon and sometimes you’re fucked because, well, your face is on fire and that smarts.