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"Joel Embiid Does The Disrespecting" - Joel Embiid

Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Lakers

Sooner or later, the Los Angeles Lakers are going to be a serious problem. LeBron has started to pull the strings and it’s starting now with Anthony Davis. Anybody with half a brain can see how LeBron has orchestrated that entire thing. And unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before the same thing happens with Ben Simmons. They’re all represented by the same agent. LeBron has been a mentor figure to Ben so far in his career. And then there’s the whole Kendall Jenner part of the equation. The threat of Ben Simmons going to LA to play with LeBron and Anthony Davis is quite real. So the bad news here is that LeBron probably has a few more trips to the NBA Finals left in him once he gets his actual team assembled.

The good news? Well the good news is that Joel Embiid will be there to stop them. Because Joel Embiid is a bad man and Joel Embiid is the one who does the disrespecting.

The Athletic – Asked about it after the game, Embiid said: “I don’t like shooting threes, but you’re not going to disrespect me by giving me a lot of space. In that situation, I’m going to shoot it. I’m Joel, I’m Joel Embiid. So I don’t get disrespected, I do the disrespecting.”

I’m Joel. I’m Joel Embiid. So I don’t get disrespected, I do the disrespecting.

What a quote. What a goddamn quote. At this point everybody knows that Joel Embiid has one of the bigger personalities in the NBA. They know that he’s an elite shit talker. But there’s something different to this quote. This is when Joel Embiid took the jump from a funny, quirky, jovial trash talker to a certified killer. Joel Embiid isn’t out here to make friends. He doesn’t want to buddy up with LeBron and drink some wine on the bench. Sure, he’d maybe enjoy a few sips of a Shirley Temple but that’s different. Joel Embiid doesn’t want to make friends. He wants to destroy enemies.

So you know what? If that day comes that Ben ever leaves Philly to go be with his guy LeBron out in LA? It really doesn’t matter. Because as long as this is Joel Embiid’s team, the Sixers have a killer in command. I would just hate to find myself in his path if I’m somebody who ever decided to cross him.