Vegas Has Allegedly Taken Down All Bryce Harper Signing Related Prop Odds Off The Board...The Time Has Come! Maybe! Or Not! Definitely!

WIP - Is today finally the day? After months of waiting, and weeks of reports that it could be close, it appears that Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies is picking up legitimate steam. According to Vegas Gambling Stream, Harper has indeed agreed to a multi-year deal with the Phillies, and as a result, all Harper-related prop bets have been taken off the board. Although this isn’t the final report fans have been waiting for, bets being taken off the board in Vegas is a strong indication that if it isn’t 100% done, it might be very close.

FINALLY! Cheers to the anonymous Twitter account: Vegas Gambling Stream! HIP HIP HOORAY! So…it’s official then? Happy Bryce Harper Day! Maybe! Or not! Definitely!

Who the hell knows. However, the only difference from this report and Blowhard Bob Nightengale/MLB “Insiders” with 600 Twitter followers to their name is that all facts lead through the Nevada desert. If something is known, the land of Las Vegas knows it first. Even though these reports may be false:

Cute. And then we have MLB The Show has the rights to Bryce as their cover athlete and have been throwing out this propaganda:


Granted, MLB The Show has been cockteasing the balls to the bone with this signing for months because, well, they can. So take those Tweets with all the grains of salt.
But, yeah. We’ll see soon, I guess. Bryce Harper could be signing with Philly as soon as today. Maybe. Or not. But most definitely – Definitely.

PS – Any old school Stoolies remember this Tweet that launched 1000 Fischer-Price ships? It’s pure poetry now that Bryce is (possibly) signing with the Phillies.