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Dennis Rodman Finally Came Out, And Now I Have The Courage To Come Out Too

Just kidding.  All time troll job here.  I absolutely hate that you can’t rewind/fast forward on IG and the entire time I was watching the video I was thinking to myself, “Is he gay?  Is he transgender?  Is he pregnant?”  And not that I give a shit about any of those because he was a rebounding machine his entire career and did it when the NBA was actually awesome and he’s a good dude now, by all accounts…. but I was waiting with baited the entire time only to get smacked in the face with a Rick Astley music video.  Masterful troll job.

But it still gave me the courage to come out as well.  I’ve been waiting days to do this, so here it is.  Here’s my confession.

Thank you all for your support – it truly means the world to me that you all have my back in these trying times.