Marty Mush Championship Sunday Slate

YTD is now 27-31-1 as college basketball yesterday was brutal and you all know how Duke ruined a lot of people. I wish I included my UFC picks because I almost won all my money back that I lost on College Basketball. Blind betting a shit ton of money on an underdog was a very fun time. Now we get into the NFL playoffs which are going to be sick games unlike last week.



Rams @ Saints -3

Obviously we have two offenses that can run up the scoreboard and I think everyone and their mother will be taking the over 56.5. I will not be taking that as I kind of like the under because these defenses need to step up. With saying that I couldn’t be more excited for this game. As Big Cat has said, the Saints are a different team in the dome which is 100% true. This crowd is going to be a problem for LA and Goff will have to show up. Drew Brees has the experience and just watching that game from last week, going down 14 early and showing poise throughout was impressive. The biggest thing the Saints have is the best run defense in the game. The difference with the Rams is that they added CJ Anderson which I can’t believe I am saying but he has been a huge factor running the ball. Now you have Gurley not getting beat up on every play and just makes them more dangerous. With the Saints great run defense though, if they keep it up today Goff will be put to the test in high pressure situations. I just see this Saints team coming out on top.

Pick Saints -3

Prop Bets -

Gurley Scores a rushing touchdown -130
Kamara scores passing TD +200


Patriots @ Chiefs -3

This is the game that I can not wait for. There is no surprise that the Patriots are in this game but I am excited to watch Mahomes play in this big game. I have watched this football thing for a long time now and the Patriots seemed to have figured it out. Seeing them as underdogs and how Tom Brady is saying everyone is against them and all that nonsense. How in the world can I bet against them. Face it, the Chiefs have slowed down a bit without Kareem Hunt and this game will be all on Mahomes shoulders. For the Patriots to sin this game Gronk needs to be a factor. He is double teamed most of the time but he needs to step up. You know Edelman will have at least 6 catches and be a terror but they need another option. The x factor in every game to me seems to be James White because he can do everything and it is hard to contain him. With Bill and Tom on the same sideline, I would have to be an asshole to go against them.

Pick Patriots ML

Get ready for an insane Sunday and I am pretty confident in these picks. I have been really good these playoffs and look to continue that streak. Good luck everyone and remember to send positive vibes my way. To the Moon.