TikTok Thursdays Ft. Kate and KBnoswag


In case you missed Week 1  Week 2  or Week 3 of Tiktok Thursdays, I do some deep dives on this app to find some of the weirdest content I can find for you guys. This week has some real doozies, and I have Kate and KB back to offer some insightful commentary.

1. Godzilla Scream

Kenjac: Glad to see the marketing campaign for ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ isn’t limited to traditional social medial.

KB: Imagine Dragon a corpse down to the river because your psychotic girlfriend decided to TikTok herself murdering someone.

Kate: When U accidentally get a hot-pepper flake on ur pizza, amiright guys?! Guys?

2. Tongue Guy

Kenjac: Glad to see Gene Simmons seed still prospering in the modern age

KB: It wouldn’t be TikTok if the first completely normal-looking user morphed into a Marvel alien.

Kate: Army Of Tongue

3. Dominant

Kenjac: Viva la Bam

KB: When your gender reveal party turns into a ninth-month bender.

Kate: Call me “sir” or “daddy” but don’t you dare call me about that one, tiny parole violation.

4. Rough n’ Rowdy

Kenjac: We got to get him in the ring vs literally anyone.

KB: More like fatal alcohol syndrome because you aren’t getting in the ring with this lad and making it out alive.

Kate: How do we harness the energy in that windmill swing for the greater good?

5. Future Family Court Evidence Exhibit

Kenjac: Dipping chicken nuggets into nacho cheese is peak American dream.

KB: With the fear of being “coastal elite” shamed for the second week in a row, I’ll commend her for owning a plate and having something edible in the home for her children.


Kate: Quiet down, you know I’m tryin’a be a piece shit over here!

6. Horny Cop Duet

Kenjac: There needs to be a chapter inserted into every state police chapter that gets you life imprisonment for tiktoking on the job.

KB: TikToKkKlansman infiltrating the whitest and most racist social media platform.

Kate: Just two cops on (off) the beat.

7. Oreo

Kenjac: I prefer Hydrox anyway

KB: I hate how a bunch of scummy guys are probably calling her things like “cream-filled behemoth” and “Michelin Woman” but they wouldn’t be hating if a more conventionally attractive girl in revealing clothing made this exact same video.

Kate: Remember that super wholesome Owl City Oreo commercial that everyone hated? I kind of miss that now.


Kenjac: “Honey can you please confine your Joker cosplay sex videos to the garage”.

KB: No man in the history of domestic abuse has ever worn that sleeveless shirt/hat/goatee combination and not beaten a female meth user to a pulp.


Kate: Just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

9. Performative Divorce Art

Kenjac: Shot

KB: Stryker…Bailey…can ya’ll come in here real quick….your daddy has something he wants me to show you. Don’t be scared, it’s not a raccoon carcass this time.

Kate: The fact that this guy has kids from two different moms makes me sadder than my own divorce.

10. Performative Custody Art

Kenjac: Chaser

KB: I don’t think this needs any additional punchlines.

Kate: Starting a rival GoFundMe to keep that from happening.

11. Frozen Remix

Kenjac: Why. Why! WHY?

KB: Aaaaaaaand I’m out.

Kate: We’re all jinxed having seen that.

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