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Mac McClung Didn't Hear No Bell! Drills 35-Footer To Force Overtime (And Hit The Over)

Mac McClung folks! The dude loves hitting buzzer beater and has a flair for the dramatic. You may remember him as Riff Raff’s cousin. You may remember him as the crazy dunker who (outside of Zion) had one of the craziest mixtapes of the freshman class. You may remember him as the starting 2-guard for Georgetown.

The dude has turned into a pretty solid piece for Georgetown, especially since he wasn’t expected to be a heavy contributor as a freshman. Sure, he was expected to be in the rotation but he’s locking up the backcourt for the next 4 years. And it’s because of things like this. The dude doesn’t care about the stage. He’s going to hit the big shot or at least he wants the shot every time.

Pour one out for those that had under 150.5-152 in this game.