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'Something Pretty Awesome Is About To Happen' As Clemson Gives Lyles Davis A Surprise Scholarship

I start these blogs the same way every time. These are always absolutely awesome and I want to post as many of these as possible. Walk ons get a bit of a weird rap in the college basketball world. Fans see them as these hopeless cases of guys that are there essentially as cheerleaders when the fact is these dudes were likely All-State in high school and could be playing at either a lower Division I school or starting Division II. But, they want to go to a major program and get the education and be part of a team like Clemson.

In this case it’s Lyles Davis a 5’11” senior from Charleston. He’s played in 3 games this year and has been part of the program since he was a freshman. Clemson head coach Brad Brownell nails it. ‘Something awesome is about to happen.’ That’s always the case. Now it wasn’t some elaborate plan like we’ve seen in the past, but just a dialogue about what it’s like to be a coach and see development of players.

The coolest thing will always be the teammates reaction. You can tell they are jazzed up for Lyles. Every time this happens you think they won the national championship with how they celebrate and it’s always a cool scene. So shout out to Clemson and shout out to Lyles Davis. Something awesome happened.