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After Dropping A Career High 30 Points And Winning Marty Mush A Grand, Zion Williamson Broke Down The Clemson/Alabama Game

I don’t know why but I find this absolutely hilarious. I know there are some connections here with Zion growing up close to the Clemson campus and almost going there, but I need to know how this question was asked. I need to know the premise here. Otherwise just asking Zion about Clemson football is even more of a hilarious move. Sure, we need his breakdown on Trevor Lawrence. Speaking of which, imagine Lawrence throwing to Justyn Ross and Zion at tight end. Imagine Alabama’s kicker trying to throw a lead block on Zion on a faked field goal.

Zion was pretty unreal yet again tonight. Luckily for Duke they got the much needed road win according to sanctimonious AP voters in order to finally be ranked. Good thing they went to Lawrence Joel to show that really mattered on what we think about them. But, Zion dropped a career high 30 points to go with 10 rebounds and 5 assists. There are some plays that he makes look quite simple that honestly, shouldn’t be. This little ISO into a defensive breakdown and dump off is something that he looks way too easy at his size:

Fucking Marty Mush.