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Great News - Kid Rock's Butt Shaped Guitar Sign For His Bar Has Been Approved By Nashville City Council

Tennessean- One month after Kid Rock was forced out as grand marshal of the Nashville Christmas parade, the music star is the subject of more controversy in Metro City Hall.

This time it’s over a large sign planned for his recently opened Lower Broadway bar, Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse. The soaring 20-foot tall neon sign — not yet installed — will feature a giant guitar with some controversial attributes: The base of the instrument is intentionally shaped like a woman’s buttocks.

The Metro Council late Thursday voted 27-3, with three council members abstaining, to approve the necessary aerial encroachment to allow for the construction and installation of the sign, which was produced by Nashville-based Joslin and Son Signs. Mayor David Briley signed into law the council resolution authorizing the sign on Friday.

I caught some of the nightly news on television last night, and boy oh boy was that a depressing watch! Whether they were arguing about politics, debating gun laws, reporting on a recent murder, or giving us an update on the state of human trafficking in this country, it seemed there was just no longer any *good* news in this world.

That is, until this morning, when I read the GREAT news that Kid Rock’s butt-shaped guitar sign he plans to install outside his bar has been approved by Nashville City Council, voting in favor of it 27-3.

Controversy first arose when Councilwoman Kathleen Murphy declared the very concept of the sign “crosses the line”, and argued that the city has done too much in recent years to boost tourism and “family friendliness” for them to allow such an egregious installation.

Murphy even suggested that the 20-foot neon buttocks sign could be a gateway sign to other vulgar signs in Nashville, asking her fellow council-people, “If we allow this, what is going to come next? I think we can all use our imaginations there.”

Obviously, she was promptly bodybagged by a 27-3 vote against her, as going after Kid Rock in Nashville is akin to going after God in Church. One for the good guys!

Glenny actually visited Nashville over break and went to Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse. After a brief conversation with him about it, I gotta say, the place sounds delightful, and he even mentioned that there was a giant statue of Kid Rock dressed as Santa on the roof, which is just perfect.

So if you’re planning a trip to Music City, USA in the near future, make sure to check the place out, and if they’ve installed the 20-foot neon buttocks sign by the time ya get there, send pictures!

Throwback to Kid Rock’s entrance at Woodstock ’99, AKA the single most cocky entrance to anything anyone has ever had.

(Kid Rock takes the stage at 3:20)