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Woman Wrestler Dug A Tampon Out Of Herself And Put It In Her Opponent's Mouth

Well that’s a thing that happened. Over the weekend, wrestler Priscilla Kelly did a spot where she was scrounging around in her undercarriage for what appeared to be a bloody tampon, pulled it out, and put it in her opponent’s mouth. There are two trains of thought on this one: On one hand, as my friend Trent said, “that’s wrestling, baby”. Wrestling is here to entertain you, and often times shock you. And let me tell ya, I was certainly shocked. I definitely did not expect to see someone scrounging around for a tampon and then pull it out.

It wasn’t actually a tampon nor was it pulled out of her vagina, but old school wrestling people got mad. For example:

Holy moly, chill out bro! It’s not THAT serious my guy. Imagine being that mad because a woman pretended to use a tampon as a prop during a wrestling match. Goodness gracious.

Road Dogg, relax man! You made a living telling people to “suck it” for Pete’s sake. Let’s not get too holier than thou about a fake tampon. I don’t think that’s the reason people don’t like wrestling. Let’s start with the history of systemic racism and sexism, for starters.

And how is this different from Mr. Socko, or current Wrestler Joey Ryan who uses his dick as a wrestling move

If dudes can use their dicks and nobody bats an eye, than I see nothing wrong with what Priscilla Kelly did. So hey, everyone chill out, it’s 2019, it’s time to stop being so grossed out by tampons. Especially fake ones, ya prudes.