Duke Continues To Dominate

For some reason this team just decides not to play that well in the 1st half and I still get anxious every time. They were up 7 and it was still not satisfied. Clemson is no shlep of a team and once the second half hit…well look for yourself.

ZI-God is just a freak. We have never seen an athlete like this ever in sports. He can be a starting player in the NBA or NFL at this very moment without any question. During this dunk you can see him still going rising up. The 360 isn’t impressive it is the fact that he is just gliding in the air.

Duke got off to a hot start in the second half but we need to talk about Cam Reddish. He has not been exposed because of how well the team is and Zion just keeps everyones attention. Tonight he was 1-8 with 4 points and that just can’t happen. When you are a top five recruit I understand it takes time to get adjusted but my god get it together. Down the stretch when we reach March Madness people are going to be locked in on Zion and RJ. Thank god Tre Jones is a beast and our bench is deep because Reddish has been so bad. That is the best thing about this team though everyone shows up when needed. Jack White has been unbelievable, Javin has been lights out and Marques Bolden remembered how to play basketball this year. I haven’t liked a Duke team this much since the Okafor year and you know what happened that year. (They won the national championship).

Oh and they always cover. I know they lost to Gonzaga but besides that they are the easiest team to put money on. It was a long two weeks not being able to bet on them.