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Iowa Just Won The Outback Bowl With -16 Rushing Yards


*Bloomin onions are objectively better than coconut shrimp but Iowa got stuck with the coconut shrimp so my hands were tied. If you go to Outback you should pass up the free coconut shrimp and pay your hard earned dollars on a bloomin onion

What a strange game. That game had more wild plays than any Iowa game I can remember. First there was the 12-yard Iowa punt that got intercepted (which I can’t find video of for some reason).

Then there was this guy

Then there was this bananas flying somersault fumble by Smith-Marsette

Then there was this guaranteed-touchdown-pass-turned interception-somehow by Gervase

Then there was this guy

A lot of strange things happened over the course of that 60 minute football game. Throw the fact that Iowa won the game with negative 16 rushing yards on top of all that and it was an interesting viewing experience to say the least. Not to mention the only reason the Hawks were able to move the ball on offense at all initially was because of a throat slashing penalty and a targeting penalty on Mississippi State. Without those who knows what the rest of the game looks like. But hey! Hawks won! Deep into the game the Hawks finally remembered that TJ Hockenson won the Mackey Award and he came up big when we needed it the most.

Iowa looked terrible for the first half of the first half then looked awesome the second half of the first half. Iowa looked terrible the first half of the second half then looked better the second half of the second half and they ended up winning the game. That’s the best and simplest way to sum up what we just watched in Tampa. 9-4 to finish the season. Another weird but ultimately pretty successful season for Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa Hawkeyes.