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So Aliens Are 100% Invading New York City Right Now

War of the Worlds, Independence Day, Godzilla, Thanos, Cloverfield. All of those movies and characters have brought us to this point in our lives where aliens have officially said “what’s up bitches, we’re here.” We love to live off hyperbole and exaggeration, but I mean those are aliens, folks. The NYPD and ConEd are trying to say this is a transformer explosion. YESSSSS of course because every transformer explosion lights up the sky blue that can be seen for miles on top of miles. Just come out and say you have no idea what the fuck is going on and let the end begin.

I’m so jealous I’m not in NYC right now. If that shit gets leveled and I’m not there to see it I’ll be so sad. I am kind of disappointed my TV isn’t flashing that outrageously annoying alert sound that we get twice a month at 1AM. Every time I get that I assume my block is about to blown halfway to hell. Just make sure the fight gets to New Jersey in a reasonable time.

Update: The FAA has grounded all traffic from NYC airports. Yup, just a normal transformer explosion.

Poor Frank. He’s leaving Idaho and heading straight into an inter-galactic war. Someone warn Frank!