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Patrick Beverly Chucked A Ball At A Fan After He Heckled Him By Saying 'Fuck Your Mother'

I’ll be honest here. There are very few people in the basketball world I’d want to piss off more than Patrick Beverly. For starters, I value my knees and don’t need him diving at them like I’m Russell Westbrook. Second, he’d kick my ass in less than 1 punch. Those are just facts. And look at this fan. What an asshole. He deserves a ball chucked at him.

I’m on Beverly’s side here. I always say if you’re a fan and heckling athletes you deserve the right for retaliation. Perhaps maybe not a ball thrown at you, but this is deserved. You don’t go out there saying fuck Patrick Beverly’s mother.

This fan should be lucky he’s protected by the baseline though. I mean imagine if he caught Beverly like this: