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A 9 Year Old Girl Wrote Steph Curry a Letter Asking Why There Are No Girls' Curry 5s on Under Armour's Website - He Personally Apologized And Hooked Her Up

First of all, Steph Curry’s handwriting is extremely soothing to the eyes. Everyone should write in all-caps for now on, end of story. Okay now to the actual story, I have a profound love for Stephen Curry. I’m not fond of what the Warriors have done to the game of basketball (fuck KD), but Steph is separate from all that. I do not understand the hate that people have for him. People hate on his mouth-guard chewing, his point to God all the time, and his cockiness on the court. Who cares? All that unnecessary hate distracts from how awesome he is with a basketball, and I think we also take for granted how incredible he is off the court. He does stuff like this all the time. Here a little girl named Riley Morrison wrote Steph a letter asking why there are no girls shoes, while there are boys on the website. Pretty much Under Armour just calls the smaller sizes ‘boys’ but really it’s for both boys and girls I think. Steph apologized, had UA fix it on the site, and is sending her brand new shoes while also inviting her to their game for International Women’s Day. Unbelievable. They are now on the site now ready to buy.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.49.48 PM

As a little kid I probably wrote letters to a hundred athletes and never expected a response once, nor did I get one. Getting this letter from Steph would make me have a heart attack. Steph is one of the really good ones in the sports world. I fucking love him.

What does LeBron do in this situation? He doesn’t even read that letter. He just worries about his movies coming out and ignoring Luke Walton’s play-calls.

Curry is back on the floor Saturday as he returns from his injury. The Warriors are in shambles because KD couldn’t carry the team by himself (sad!). I need a 60 point night from Steph ASAP.