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Clemson Football New Science Based Facility Is Bananas

Ds8TxEzUUAMAt3bBack in July, Alabama took a defining lead in impressive facilities with a 25,ooo square foot building devoted strictly to nutrition:

Clemson took a look at this bad boy and decided to respond with their own facility. This one, based in science:

Somewhere, Joe Rogan is smiling:

The sensory deprivation tank isn’t the only #science going on at Clemson for the 5-star Tigers:

“Hyperthermic cocoon pods…..” the hell?! How are the big boys at Clemson, like Christian Wilkins, fit in one of those?


The only shame here is that we didn’t get to hear the conversation of somebody explaining the benefits of these devices to Dabo. Something tells me that altar boy Dabo wasn’t exactly sold on this science. Not if that matters much. Clemson has more than enough money that it doesn’t matter.

**Whispers** Still not enough money for the kids, though.