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Former Green Bay Packers Hilariously Recall How Mike McCarthy Used To Make The Team Stay In Shittier Hotels Every Time They Lost On The Road

The only good thing to come out of last night’s season-ending loss was this Twitter thread by former players. Will Blackmon, Charles Woodson, and others recalling how Mike McCarthy would punish the team back in ’08 every time they would lose on the road by making the hotel shittier and shittier each time. Honestly, I love the move and it’s clear Mike got soft since he won it all in 2011. There’s no way this year’s team, which has lost all six on the road, is staying in a Motel 6. If so they’d be sleeping outside. Old Mike was great. New Mike punts from the other team’s 40 on 4th and 2.

Fucking Brady Poppinga thought they were in the Four Seasons of Jacksonville. Incredible.

Yeah this reminds me of the Red Roof Inn in Saugus. Never again. I looked down my hallway and said nope, we’re going another way that ain’t happening.

As for Nate’s Redskins? Well, I don’t even want to know.