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Steve Adams Absolutely Stifling Willie Cauley-Stein As A Scuffle Broke Out Was The Best NBA Highlight From Last Night

Vlade Divac should thank God that Steven Adams isn’t able to feel anger, because the Kings would have went from a feel-good story in the NBA to mourning their starting center being ripped in half by Oklahoma City’s gentle giant. Instead Adams just treated Cauley-Stein like a dad treats a pesky toddler while dropping a few “mates” to diffuse the situation. I don’t know if Adams is so peaceful because he’s from New Zealand, has like 20 huge brothers and sisters he wrestles with in the offseason to get his aggression out, or just knows he could kill pretty much anybody in the NBA if he wanted to. But not being able to feel pain probably doesn’t hurt either.

You know you are a bad motherfucker when Jimmy Butler is willfully giving you compliments.

It must be nice for Russell Westbrook to know he can pretty much do or say or wear whatever he wants and if anybody has a problem with him, they have to answer to a man mountain that can’t even be moved by other NBA giants.