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Coach Q Is Out Here Ripping Shotskis With Bears Fans

Former Chicago Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville was seen on video ripping ski shots with Bears fans before tonight’s Bears vs Vikings game at Solider Field. The coach was let go by the team on November 6th after a 6-6-3 start to the season.

Can we talk about how much of a legend Coach Q is? Everyone is talking about who Q will coach next and which city he’ll be in next and this guy is over here just pounding shots and getting tanked with Bears fans at a tailgate with not a care in the world.

I’m glad to see Coach Q isn’t bitter about anything in Chicago and is still embracing the city. Though he won’t be working there, the guy still spent a ton of time in the city and accomplished a ton there. Chicago fans better enjoy these final moments with this legend because before you know it he is going to be ripping shotskis at another tailgate in a different city. Maybe Philly? Maybe at a CFL game in Edmonton? Maybe in St. Louis? Who knows when but it is going to happen.