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Who's Your GOAT?

Ah who among us doesn’t love a good old fashion GOAT debate? Not like that hasn’t happened a billion times or anything like that. Well the NBA put out the video above which polled a number of current players, and frankly the results aren’t all that surprising. Of course a large portion of today’s players who have grown up in the LeBron era are going to call him the GOAT. Does that make them right? It’s hard to say.

I don’t really want to go back and forth between MJ and LeBron, you can do that on your own time and frankly there is a case to be made for both. Whenever I think about that debate though my brain just goes to this scene which will always make me laugh

Nothing perfectly sums up that LeBron/MJ debate like that scene. Anyway, the point of this blog is to give credit to Lou Williams for thinking outside the box and going Allen Iverson. Is it a little crazy? Sure. You want to say pound for pound he’s the best ever, I’ll listen, but he’s most definitely not the greatest of all time when it comes to the NBA. Maybe this has to do with Lou’s time in Philly, and obviously AI is one of the all time greats, but that made me laugh because he was 100% serious.

Same thing with Shaq getting a vote. Most dominant is maybe something I could get behind. Nobody was stopping prime Shaq, but again I’m not ready to call the Big Diesel the best to ever do it either.

Now while I was a little disappointed nobody went with Scalabrine or anything like that just for comedy sake, I’d be curious to see what this video would have looked like if they included some older players/coaches etc. You saw these guys say “LeBron is the best I’ve ever seen live”, well that’s because these kids weren’t even alive when Jordan was doing his thing. That’s always going to be the thing with this debate, people tend to lean towards players they saw during their generations and old people will never agree that something they are witnessing in today’s game was better than back in the day.

It’s why this debate is silly and there will never be a definitive answer, even if LeBron somehow wins 6 rings. So, do you agree with the majority of the young NBA talent in today’s game? Who ya got for your GOAT, and you can’t take Yabu because that’s too easy.