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Darts Player Becomes The First Person In History To Fire 9 Perfect Darts, Celebrates With The Cockiest Dance Of All Time

*Golf voice: Dimitri Van den Bergh is on the cusp of making history. One more dart and he’ll have hit a perfect niner, something no man has ever done before…The shot…


*Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk immediately begins blasting in the background* 

What a moment. I don’t know anything about darts, but I know celebration dances and this one is all-time. The twist, the 2000’s boy band pop and lock, the wavy arm- I love it. Darts is on the up and up. This is the second time in my twenty-eight years of living that it’s been in the mainstream. The competitors are getting younger too. Even though Dimitri looks forty he’s only twenty-four. I’m not trying to take away from his moment, though, Dimitri made history which is something no one can take away from him. So congrats, Dimitri. Keep up those dance moves and maybe more people will start to pay attention to your sport. And good luck in the grand slam.