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MMA Fighter Jeremy Stephens (Of "Who Da Fook Is Dat Guy?" Fame) Tells Trash Talking 16-Year-Old That He's Gonna Bury Him Next To His Dead Dad

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how true this story is. From the admittedly little research I’ve done, I do think these comments are real, and since-deleted, but I can’t find any definitive proof that says they are. I’m blogging it regardless, because my take on the matter isn’t effected by the legitimacy of the images.

So these screenshots have been making their way through a few MMA sites and forums today, outraging the masses because Jeremy Stephens responded to a chirp by telling a 16-year-old with “R.I.P. Dad” in his Instagram bio that he’d bury him next to his dead father. Like I said above, they could be real, they could be fake, but my take remains the same because my take is this: that’s just the fight game.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not on Stephens’ side, but look – the kid came after my guy Conor McGregor a few years ago, and my guy Conor McGregor ended him. For good. Never again will he ever be known for anything other than this incredible moment:

That will literally be Jeremy Stephens’ last legacy on this here earth. Tough!

As a result, though, pretty much every single comment on every single one of his social media posts says, “WHO DA FOOK ARE YOU?!”, or some variation of the phrase, and I’d imagine eventually that gets pretty tiring – especially if you’re a meathead hardo like Stephens’ – so he responds! To…a lot of them. And here, he responded to one fellow (a sixteen-year-old with a dead dad) and let him know that he’d be right lying right next to his dead dad very soon if he didn’t shut his trap.

A low blow? Undoubtedly. You don’t want to be bodied with your dead dad, though? The solution is simple: don’t talk shit! And if you’re GONNA talk shit, get that ammo outta your profile, cuz! What the fook were you thinking?

Basically – is Jeremy Stephens the kid who says “I hope your mom gets cancer!” at the lunchtable after being slightly insulted? Yes. No doubt about it. He’s the dirt worst, and legitimately scummy, piece of trash humor for that comment. But folks…

That’s just the fight game.