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Man Accused Of Serenading Woman With His Guitar At A Gas Station And Then Whipping His Dick



UPDATE: The Edmond Police Department says they have identified the man who is accused of exposing himself while playing the guitar.Detectives are speaking with him but no arrests have been made.

EDMOND, Okla. – Edmond Police are searching for a man accused of exposing himself to a young woman. It happened Sunday evening outside of an Edmond gas station near Danforth and Bryant. Police say before the indecent act the suspect serenaded the woman with a guitar. Despite her surprise at what was happening, she managed to take a picture of the suspect and has now given it to police. Jenny Monroe, with the Edmond Police Department, said, “We always say follow your gut, your gut instinct.”

Police say the woman was vacuuming her car outside of the convenience store when a young man pulled up behind her. Monroe said, “She thought he was waiting for the vacuum as well.” According to police the man got out of his SUV and started talking to the woman. Monroe said, “He started talking to her, asking personal questions about herself, her name and that kind of thing.” It started out innocent enough but after a few minutes the conversation took a strange turn. Police say the suspect told her she was “the kind of girl” for him.

The woman says he also told her he graduated from UCO and he was a musician. They say he then pulled out a guitar and started serenading her. That was when she snapped a photo of the man. Monroe said, “Her gut instinct was that something was not right here.” What happened next shocked the young woman. Monroe said, “He pulled his shorts down and exposed himself, while playing the guitar for her.” According to the police report he then “asked her something about if she liked it.” The woman quickly jumped in her car and sped off. Police say the woman’s decision to snap the photo will hopefully help them to catch up with the man.

Monroe said, “In this scenario, having the picture puts us farther ahead in the case than it would if we just had a description of him.” Police say he appears to be a white male in his early or mid 20’s, approximately 5’09” 160lbs, blue eyes and brown hair. Police say the man was driving a tan Chevy Blazer. If you have any information you are asked to call Edmond Police.





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