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Pusha T Says The 'FUCK DRAKE' Screen At His Show Last Night Wasn't Supposed To Happen

Whoooooooooooops. Big  time fuck up by that tech guy. That tech guy thought this was his moment. He thought he was gonna get in Pusha T’s good graces by putting a giant ‘FUCK DRAKE’ on the screen and they’d ride off into the sunset together and be best friends forever. Instead it completely backfired. Pusha was pissed that it happened and called the tech guy corny to his 1.5 million Twitter followers.. Again, whoops. I’m a little disappointed to be honest. I blogged this story late last night and was pumped about Pusha T putting up a ‘FUCK DRAKE’ screen during his show. On purpose or not, putting up a humongous FUCK DRAKE on a screen is laugh out loud funny.

On the other hand though, Pusha does feel that way about Drake so he can’t be too mad about it. Sure he didn’t want ‘FUCK DRAKE’ put up on his screen without his permission but whatever. Pusha loved that the crowd was chanting ‘fuck Drake’ so why not flash it up on the screen for a few quick seconds? I get that those are two very different things but whatever. RIP to that tech guy’s job. He just wanted to be in the mix.