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The Toledo Coach Is Now Dead To Me

Add Toledo to my dead people list.

Todd Gurley
Toledo Coach

I mean what just happened was a travesty. Let me set the stage. Toledo has the ball with 3 minutes left near midfield and I need 1 point for the over. They decide to run some bizzarro world version of the hurry up/slow down offense where they are running the ball but hurrying to the line of scrimmage and then mixing in a pass and then running up the middle. It just made no sense. I’ve literally never seen anything like it. If you want to give up then give up. You can huddle up and run it up the middle. The game will end in 3 snaps. But this bizarro world tickle my balls offense they ran is worthy of the death penalty. Driving the ball to the 10 yard line and not taking a shot at the end zone is criminal. And by the way I’ve seen crazier comebacks than 38-15 especially in the MAC. This is what happens when Todd Gurley quits on America. Everybody starts doing it.