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Hero Non-Marine Biologist Battles The Angry Sea To Hop On And Save A Humpback Whale

CALI – A fishing vessel noticed a distressed humpback whale off the coast of California. After realizing that help wasn’t coming, the crew decided to dive into action. One of the sailors literally jumped onto the giant animal’s back to untangle it from the buoy line and set it free.

Is that a Titleist? Also, was that a freaking cut scene from Mission Impossible: Fallout or something? Not too sure that extreme action music was necessary, but I’m not gonna complain. Good for that non-Marine Biologist, average citizen saving a whale’s life and (probably) impressing a lady along the way. Oh, and s/o to the true hero of the event who was barking from the sidelines “Get it! Get it!”, “Cut it! Cut it!”. That whale was for sure a goner if it wasn’t for his outright bravery.

The sea was angry my friends. Like an old man trying to send back soup in the deli…

PS – Behind the scenes of the famous speech. Larry David is a genius.