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Hard Factor Has Been On A MFing Tear Recently

The only podcast that gives you 15 minutes of news, jokes, and internet comments every Monday-Thursday. Download and give it a listen, and if you dont love it I’ll give you your money back.


In the past two week’s Hard Factor News has intervewed (and endorsed) a panty-selling city coucilwoman nominee from Wyoming, interviewed Alex Jones about the Oakland Raiders, gay frogs, and why the sun is hot if space is cold, and then dropped a interview from Politicon with Adam Carolla. And somehow they were able to get a exclusive with BarstoolKate earlier this week. Just a incredble run.

As the executive vice President of Football Operations of Hard Factor I take more of a Tom Coughlin appraoch of tough love, but when your team wins a Superbowl your allowed to brag a little bit. The show is hitting its stride and if you’re sick of panicky news, or just spend your days trying to stay informed while dodging propoganda, Hard Factor is honestely the best way to start your day (after you listen to PMT).