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Give Me All The Miami Heat *Vice* City Edition Jerseys In The World Because They Are BEYOND Fire Flames

I don’t know much and I certainly don’t know what exists beyond the flames of fire, but whatever it is, that’s EXACTLY what these new Heat jerseys are. WHEW boy are they hot folks!

Now granted these are just rumored leaks, not official announcements like some teams did today, but they certainly do look legit…

And very similar to the all white Miami Vice look from last year. And possibly even… Better??

The Mick Man and Trilly Whiskers sure think so. And those are two guys who are NOT here to argue.

Are these the best City Edition jerseys we’ve seen today? Well,, it hard to say. And as a moron who knows absolutely nothing, I’d rather leave it to all the Beaters out there.

So WHO YA GOT? Leave your vote below!

Check out the full list of City Edition jerseys HERE

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