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First Grade Teacher In Hot Water For Donning Blackface For Halloween, But She's Not Racist Because Her Kid Is Albino...Wait, What?

IOWA – A teacher in Iowa who was photographed in blackface at a Halloween party claims she never heard of the offensive practice or its controversial history – and claims she never meant to offend anyone. Megan Luloff, a first-grade teacher at Walcott Elementary, was photographed on Oct. 19 at a party at the Walcott American Legion as part of a group of people dressed as characters from the 2004 movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” Luloff, who is white, dressed as “Lafawnduh,” who played the role of Kip Dynamite’s wife. The photo of Luloff led district officials to launch an investigation after they were made aware of it on Oct. 22, district spokeswoman Dawn Saul confirmed to The Post. An attorney for Luloff released a statement about incident on Wednesday, saying the disgraced teacher was “completely unaware” of what blackface represented in American culture. “At no point during her preparation for the party, or her participation at the event, did Megan ever intend to mock the character’s ethnicity or take any action intended to be offensive to anyone,” the statement read. “At this point in time Megan had never heard the term ‘Blackface’ nor did she know the history of the term. If she had that knowledge she never would have participated in such a way that she deeply regrets her actions.” In addition, the attorney wrote, Luloff never would have knowingly mocked people of a different race because her child is an albino.

Well there’s a headline you don’t see everyday. Or, ever. I’m not going to get into the complicated social discourse of racial relations and blackface. Why? Because I’m nowhere near educated enough or have the background to even delve into such a discussion. But I am intelligent enough to say that if someone is this stupid in real life to think going blackface wouldn’t offend anybody then they aren’t smart enough to teach children. Those are just facts. Nevertheless, what’s up with the white Megan’s and this extremely controversial topic recently? Hey, it doesn’t matter if you’re defending your “point” on national TV or at a suburban housewives party in Iowa, just don’t touch on the subject of, or flat out do blackface in 2018. Just, don’t. And Luloff didn’t just go blackface, she went full blackbody. I guess if you’re gonna get ignorant might as well go all the way. +100000 for her attorney stating:

Luloff never would have knowingly mocked people of a different race because her child is an albino.