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LONDON CALLING: Eagles Survive Jaguars Cheekiness, Now 4-4 Heading Into The Bye Week

All cheeks on pitch! I repeat, all cheeks on pitch! What a win. And it wasn’t easy. I mean, Christ. Jason Kelce limped off after the first snap (came back OK). Both starting, very above average tackles go down in the first quarter and they had 3 offensive lineman playing a different position than when the game started. Thank God Jason Peters came back, but still. This team never makes anything easy. For example: The 2nd half Eagles were right on cue. Offense goes ice cold, defense goes soft. But ya gotta admit, they somehow stopped the great Blake Bortles when it mattered and then closed it out by running for a first down. The Eagles of 2018 so far would find a way to lose this game. A solid W for the Birds to go into the second half stretch.

Oh, and to the football heroes over at Laces Out – Another start, another 3 TD performance with a QB rating most teams would kill for. Still should sit him. #BenchWentz

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