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LSU Will Be Without Their Best Defensive Player For 1st Half Against Bama Thanks To This Awful Targeting Call

NCAA rule state if you are ejected for targeting in the second half of a game, you have to sit out for the first half of the next game. LSU’s next game? Against Alabama.

As it stands now, preseason All-American LB Devin White will not be on the field for the first half against Alabama. All because of the play above. The worst part was that after review the targeting was confirmed. I’m not sure if the Pac-12 refs got on the phone during the review and told the SEC refs to confirm the call, but sheesh this call doesn’t make sense. White seems to push him more than anything. It’s important to get targeting out of the game, but this isn’t the way to do that.

I assume the SEC can review the play this week and overrule the call. At least I’d hope so.