Reason #3248653 Why I Love Brad Stevens

Look you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So when you draft a rookie that is as raw as Robert Williams and you want to get his career headed in the right direction from the jump, you lace your shoes up and you get to work. You know how many other coaches would be brave enough to handle that 7 footer in the paint? Zero. You know how many would do it as the best coach in the NBA? One. Brad Stevens. This tells me two things, first that Brad believes in Robert’s talent which is important if we actually want to see him hit the floor, and two that Brad is willing to practice what he preaches. He wants this team to defend at a high level, well he’s going to lead by example.

So let’s evaluate what the tape shows us shall we? First, love the position Brad takes right from the jump. Not too low, not too high, has a good foundation to absorb contact, textbook stuff. Then once Williams makes his move, boom active hands. And look at Brad admitting he fouled, the guy is just so goddamn honest he can’t even lie like your typical NBA big. Bless his heart. Now for Williams, credit to him for having the balls to go right for his coaches throat. Sure do love that little bunny hook he showed. Remember his issue is on the offensive end, the guy needs an arsenal so you mix his potential with the brainpower of boy wonder Brad Stevens and Robert Williams will be playing 10-15 minutes a night in no time.

To the naked eye this may seem like a silly video of a couple of coworkers going half speed at some drills. But to everyone else paying attention we see Brad doing Brad things and planting that seed. That he cares about his players and doesn’t just talk about it, he gets his hands dirty and brings out the best in them. Remember this the first time Robert Williams does something awesome in a blowout. It will be because Brad Stevens put in the time and a small portion of his awesomess has rubbed off on Williams. Kings doing kings things really.