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This High Knee Knockout From Bellator 207 Last Night Is Bananas

That’s a knockout of the year contender, folks. What a ridiculous shot.

When you break this down, and really think about it from a simplistic point of view…

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 2.57.38 PM

…Mandel Nallo (7-0) looked across from him, saw Carrington Banks about to throw a step-in jab with his left hand, and he thought, “You know what’d be the most effective way to disarm that attack and damage my opponent? If I just planted to left foot to the canvas and lifted my right knee to the fucking stratosphere.”

Not an overhand right, not a right jab, not a hook, not a headkick, not a slip, no, no. None of that. Nallo looked at Banks, in THIS stance…

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 2.57.38 PM

…and saw a high-knee knockout. That’s fucking craaaazzzzy! Crazy!

That’s the kind of shit that separates fighters’ brains from regular people’s. That split-second life-and-death decision making speed. And when it works…


Also on the card last night, we saw Ryan Bader grapplefuck Matt Mitrione into the finals of Bellator’s Heavyweight Grand Prix, Baby Slice display just as much cardio work as his late, great, father, and uhh…we saw Roy Nelson eat more punches in a bout than anyone since Homer Simpson.

TONIGHT, Bellator 208 comes at us LIVE from the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY, and I’ll be on-site with coverage joined by a very special guest: Mr. Trent Ryan.

That’s right, folks. Punch and Kick Trent is back. In the midst of watching Bellator 207 last night, I noticed Trent asking more and more questions, and not judgemental ones like my mom asks when I watch mixed martial arts, but questions that let me know he was starting to become intrigued by the sport I love so much. So I hit up Bellator, said what do you think about me bringing a nice corn-fed Iowa boy who don’t know much about fighting to one of your biggest events of the year, cageside, and they said Bob, the punch and kick is for everyone. Bring him along! So tonight, you’ll get some of the most unique mixed martial arts coverage you’ve gotten from Barstool in a while, because I’ll be alongside Slim Daddy Trent, and he’ll likely be the Mr Krabs meme.

Make sure to follow us both on Twitter (@RobbieBarstool and @BarstoolTrent) for some odd-couple coverage, and as my friend Robin Black would say…

Enjoy the hostilities, my friends.